Urology is a field of medicine that focuses on the health of the urinary system in both men and women, along with diseases that affect a man’s reproductive system. This means a urologist specializes in common urology procedures dealing with the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, adrenal glands, penis, prostate, and testicles.   

Common Procedures Performed By Urologists

Although a primary doctor can treat mild conditions such as a UTI, a urologist is better equipped to diagnose and treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Here at Alliance Urology, we are committed to providing the highest quality urological care and offer surgical services and urology procedures, including but not limited to the ones listed below:

  1. UroLift®

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common condition in men as they get older and is when the prostate and surrounding tissues become enlarged. UroLiftⓇ is a solution for many men living with symptoms caused by mild to moderate prostate enlargement. This treatment is non-invasive, meaning the channel will be reopened without cutting, burning, or any removal of prostate tissue. Additionally, this treatment results in little to no time with a catheter, immediate results, and minimal recovery time. If you suffer from BPH and are wondering if urology procedures like UroLiftⓇ is right for you, consider the following questions:

  • Do you want a BPH solution that preserves your sexual function?
  • Does BPH medication give you unpleasant side effects? 
  • Do you want to regain control of your quality of life?
  • Do you want to stop taking a pill for BPH?
  • Do you want to bypass major surgery and opt for a minimally invasive treatment for BPH?

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, UroLiftⓇ might be the right treatment for you. Luckily, at Alliance Urology, we offer this treatment among our common urology procedures and would be happy to discuss it with you further.

  1. FIRMest

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is when a man is unable to get or keep an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse. Research has found that approximately 10% of men aged 40-70 have severe or complete erectile dysfunction. Luckily, FIRMest is a common urology procedure that treats mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. In fact, it is the only treatment that has been proven to increase blood flow to the penis naturally. The advantages include:

  • Spontaneous intercourse
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Results within weeks
  • Safe to combine with other ED treatments

Whether you’re struggling with an unfulfilled sex life, a loss of intimacy, low self-esteem, or the inability to get your partner pregnant, FIRMest is among one of our urology procedures that can help.

  1. SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel

Did you know about 1 man in 8 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer throughout their lifetime? SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel is clinically shown to minimize sexual, urinary, and bowel side effects and protect a man’s quality of life while undergoing radiation for prostate cancer. The product is a dissolvable gel that is placed between the rectum and prostate before radiation treatment. The procedure for SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel takes less than 30 minutes and can also minimize intestinal side effects and allows for higher radiation doses to be delivered to the cancer. If you think SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel may be a good option for you to treat your symptoms associated with prostate cancer, reach out to Alliance Urology Specialists today. 

  1. Rezūm

Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy shrinks down the size of the prostate using the natural energy stored in water vapor. This water vapor is effective enough to treat the excess prostate tissue that causes BPH symptoms. During the procedure, a series of nine-second treatments release sterile water vapor throughout the excess prostate tissue. Over time, your body naturally responds to these treatments by absorbing the targeted prostate tissue, leading to the opening of the urethra. The number of treatments you need will depend on the size of your prostate. Men who have received Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy experience sustained symptom improvement for five years. This is one of our urology procedures that is an alternative to major, invasive surgery, and treats the source of BPH.

Alliance Urology Specialists serves as an epicenter of care for adults suffering from urologic disorders. We offer patients convenient access to an elite team of experienced urologists, along with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options. For questions or inquiries about the urology procedures listed above, please call our office in Greensboro at (336) 274-1114, or schedule an appointment with one of our providers today.