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Alliance Urology Specialists serves as an epicenter of care for adults suffering from urologic disorders. We offer patients convenient access to an elite team of experienced urologists, along with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options. Our urologists use their experience and the newest technology to diagnose each patient. They then have a complete range of medical, as well as laparoscopic, endoscopic and robotic surgical options at their disposal.

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

Dr. Herrick and Ashley are always over the top with their attentiveness to my medical needs! They are always in tune with my care and always ask questions as to how my treatment is going! They always listen to my concerns and are willing to offer options when needed.  Surprisingly they are also interested in me personally and how the rest of my life is going! They truly understand how everything in your life affects your health. It is important for doctors to to be aware of your every day circumstances. This is also very comforting to know that even if you have not seen them in months they can come in and ask questions about your family, work, kids, etc. I truly believe that Dr. Herrick and Ashley have my best interests at heart and are interested in how they can help me in any way! I am very grateful and thankful for the approach that they take towards my care!

~Louisa Taylor
Greensboro, NC

Check in is now streamlined with the addition of iPads for the sign-in process. It takes only a few minutes and the best part is that the front desk staff computers are updated simultaneously! Fabulous! I sat down in the waiting room for only 10 minutes and was called to go back to the examining room. That is quick! My conversation with the nurse was easy, quick, and efficient. In just a matter of a few minutes after that, Dr. Borden appeared so that we could get down to business regarding why I was there. He is a wonderful doctor, and I appreciate that as well as he is such a nice person, which I also appreciate so very much!

~Clifford Greaves

I have always had great service from both the doctors and staff

~Gary Blackburn

My visit at Alliance Urology Specialist was very positive as a new patient. As soon as I stepped off the elevator I was directed to sign in online – which was awesome and fast, then I was called to a Check-in counter where I submitted my payment and instructions to lab. Once I finished with lab, I sat down all of 4 minutes before a nurse called me back. I couldn’t believe how fast all this took. The staff was amazing. The doctor was very informative, took time to explain the procedure and before I had a chance to worry or process the procedure – it was all over! Needless to say, I verbally shared my gratitude with my doctor and nurse before I left the exam room. Thank you Alliance Urology Specialists for a most pleasant experience.

~Susan Williams

Alliance Urology is awesome. After suffering with kidney stones for 40 years I went to them and have had wonderful results. Love the staff and the care I have received. Would recommend them to all.

~Marcia Pulliam

Dr. Scott MacDiarmid and his staff were very professional and treated me with kindness. This was my first visit and I was very nervous and in pain. Would highly recommend this physician!!

~Nancy Burns

I had read about bad experiences at AUS, mine was just the opposite. We received very courteous service checking in, our wait to see Dr. Eskridge wasn’t long. His assistant was very pleasant and thorough as was my Dr. Checking out and making a return appointment went very smooth. Dr. Eskridge answered all our questions with no hesitation. Very pleased so far

~Roger Hunt
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