Lab Services

Laboratory Services In-House

            Urinalysis and Urine Microscopics

            Comprehensive Semen Analysis

            Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis

            Pregnancy Testing

            Microbiology: Bacterial identification and

Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing

            NMP22 Bladder Chek Test

            Serum Chemistries: CMET, BMET, Renal Panel,

Hepatic Function Panel,

            Special Chemistries: PSA, Testosterone, Free PSA


Reference Laboratory Services

            Stone Analysis

            Cytology Testing

            24 Hour Urine Analysis

            Hematology and Special Chemistry


ASCP Certified Personnel

            2 Medical Technologists

            4 Medical Laboratory Technicians

            1 Phlebotomist



            Fletcher Flora Lab Pack Laboratory Information System

            Beckman Coulter Access II

            Alfa Wasserman Ace

            Roche Criterion II


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