Pelvic floor therapy may seem like a daunting procedure to consider. However, if you are struggling with pain or urinary issues, the benefits of pelvic floor therapy could apply. The International Society For Sexual Medicine defines pelvic floor therapy as “A treatment applied to pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles support the pelvic organs, assist in bowel and bladder control, and contribute to sexual arousal and orgasm.” The pelvis often seems like a place where it would be hard to work on the muscles, but pelvic floor therapy does that for you.  

The Benefits of Pelvic Floor Therapy 

The benefits of pelvic floor therapy are incredible for those who partake in it. It is often considered the first step towards these changes. Whether you are looking for all of the benefits or just one of them, you may experience all of them. At Alliance Urology, one of our talented therapists will be there every step of the way, starting with a comprehensive evaluation on the first visit. If you are looking for a reason to get started, these benefits may be just what you need to hear.  

Strengthen The Muscles In The Pelvis 

One of the issues leading to pain in the pelvis is often related to the muscles. As is the case for any muscles in the body, strength is crucial in them completing the necessary role. One of the benefits of pelvic floor therapy is the strengthening of the muscles that do not get that opportunity otherwise. The medical professional performing pelvic floor therapy manipulates the muscles to increase their strength and functioning.     

Increase Coordination of The Pelvic Area 

While strengthening the muscles in the pelvis is important, so is maintaining its coordination. As the medical professional is manipulating the muscles in a way that enhances strength, they are also working on the coordination of the muscles working together. Once these muscles are given the chance to work together in a more productive manner, the solution to urinary control, pain, and any other problems you may be facing can start to work themselves out as well. 

Find Relaxation and Pain Relief 

Pain in the pelvis is preventable. One of the benefits of pelvic floor therapy is ridding your body of the pain. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you will also have methods that you know prevent the pain from returning. Pelvic floor therapy relaxes the muscles in the pelvis that are tightened, releasing the pain that those muscles are holding.    

Reduce The Need For Medication

The benefits of pelvic floor therapy often present themselves after the fact as well. Pelvic floor therapy can remove the need for pain medication to treat your condition. While it does require appointments that medicine does not, the treatment paves the way for long-term pain relief. The procedure is considered low on the invasive level and provides the patient with a solution to their pain that does not require medication after. 

Treat Urinary Issues 

Many urinary issues can arise that are solved by pelvic floor therapy. When you are facing urinary incontinence, the use of pelvic floor therapy leads the way to controlling these symptoms. The Eastern Connection Health Network discusses how control of these symptoms can also be met by addressing the patient’s diet and nutrition, along with behaviors that may be enhancing the issue.  

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The pelvis can provide many different pains and reasons to look for a solution. The benefits of pelvic floor therapy present themselves in a variety of ways, all while not requiring medication for pain after. It may even bring benefits that you had not considered before, but that end up playing a positive role in your life. Are you interested in trying out pelvic floor therapy? Request an appointment through our website or give us a call at (336) 274-1114.