Interstim Therapy For Incontinence

InterStim Diagram

The Medtronic InterStim Therapy for Urinary Control is indicated for the treatment of urinary retention and the symptoms of overactive bladder, including urinary urge incontinence and significant symptoms of urgency-frequency alone or in combination, in patients who have failed or could not tolerate more conservative treatments.


What is an Interstim System?

The InterStim System consists of components that are implanted in your body plus hand-held devices that let you and your doctor control the internal system after it has been implanted.

The components that have been implanted are:

  1. A neurostimulator (much like a pacemaker) that sends mild electrical impulses through the lead.
  2. A lead, or thin wire, that carries the pulses to stimulate a selected sacral nerve in the lower back.  The lead is attached to an extension (another thin wire) that connects the lead to the neurostimulator.

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